How to express artisanal taste of handmade bean-to-bar chocolate?

As a freelancer I conducted this packaging project from scratch- with extensive research on the bean-to bar process from hand made, bean-to-bar chocolate for the UÅ local company Vintage Plantations.

I conducted study visits to the chocolate factory and did research on the chocolate making process and the endless question of how to bring simple solutions for sustainable packaging.

 From the beginning, wanted to bring forward the artisanal expressions of the brand. The illustrations expresses the process of the chocolate bean-  from a small plant to the roasting of the beans.  The final gift box is sustainable, in a a model that is made from a recycled paper. I made the template foldable, and no glue is used in the process. 


Individual, 4 weeks


Packaging research, sustainable packaging research, template structure, vector illustrations, typography, logotype creation