Frida irina stenlund
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Hi there!

My name is Frida, a graduate student in MFA Interaction Design @ Umeå Institute of Design. Take a look at my M.A thesis & other projects made with <3


Design philosophy_

To me, interaction design is multi-disciplinary to it’s core. It reflects the need of working with diversity as a main approach, both within teams and for our people. I always adopt methods from behaviour psychology and user - centered design. I am also a believer of systematic thinking and service design frameworks.

My favourite quote is “We should design for a society reflecting it as it is” - meaning we should always design for a society represented as it looks like, for the real people out there.


Scopus - exploring data driven design for finance

SNASK is making diabetes monitoring easy

ALLI brings nature closer to the operator

Volvo Care brings perspective to autonomous futures

Co-creating a bike service for increased city mobility


IOM is bringing back focus in open office spaces


my written reflections and short projects