Frida irina stenlund
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Hello, Hej, Hola. This is my story!

My name is Frida and I grew up in Sweden, where I dreamed of becoming a war journalist - I blame my curious nature. Years later I am still curious. My interests led me to a background in communication, social science and business - and currently to the Umeå institute of Design.

I recently finished the M.F.A Interaction Design Programme, and a few years ago I graduated from the Industrial Design Intensive (IDI) from the same school.

Growing up in Sweden surrounded by nature, I aim for simplicity and a sustainable approach for the things we create. When growing as a designer, I aim to be hands-on with detail and aesthetics. I like to explore and probe in to the unknown, and my favourite thing to tackle are real-world problems for the people out there.

In the past few years, I was lucky to travel. While exploring fjords in Norway, I worked with healthcare design - and in a hot Spain I pursued communication design. When not designing, I do couple dancing, painting, learning new languages, or you see me skiing both vertical and horizontal.