Frida irina stenlund
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Hello, Hej, Hola. This is my story!

My name is Frida and I grew up in the north of Sweden where I dreamed of being a war journalist - I blame my curious nature. Many years later I am still curious. My interests led me to a background in communication, social science and business - and currently to the Umeå institute of Design. I am now finishing my M.F.A in Interaction Design. I graduated from the Industrial Design Intensive at the same school.

Last year I was interning as interaction designer for a global non-profit branch of Laerdal Medical in Stavanger, Norway. I got to challenge myself everyday with designing for healthcare sector and people in countries who need it the most. I am particularly interested in our society, sociology, healthcare design, service design and user-centered design. When not studying I am dancing, learning languages or skiing. I believe you never stop learning. As a northern Swede by heart, I am not afraid of the snow - neither to go snowmobile driving.




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2016-2019 Umeå Institute of Design, M.F.A Interaction Design 

Human-centered design, Interaction design, UX/UI, Service design, Co-creative design, Critical Design

2017-2019 Internship as interaction designer at Laerdal Global Health,

Medical equipment design, Educational design for medical sector, Stavanger, Norway

2015-2016 Umeå Institute of Design, Industrial Design Intensive Year 

Design process, design implementation, design management, product design, modelling (foam, clay, fine art) workshop certificate, form course, ergonomic teaching, interaction design, service design, transportation design

2014-2015 Swedish- Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Madrid - Traineeship in Business & Communication Design 

Event design, Business networking, Web design/ graphic design, strategy in communication and layout, communication strategy, information architecture, writing and translating in Spanish / Swedish language, HTML, CSS, event, report and book publications.

2012-2015 Media and Communication Studies, Umeå University

Digital media, graphic design, strategical communication, political communication, journalism and linguistics

 2012-2015 Political Science studies, Umeå University





Work / Other


Frida Stenlund, graphic design freelancer, currently

Packaging design, illustration, logotypes, presentation material, etc. 

2013-2015 Brand manager, UMG, various brands

Brand representation, sales, strategy and brand strategy implementation to increase in-store sales

2013-2014 PR-manager during a two year mandate for Umeå Association of International Affairs

Managing three sub-groups in marketing, PR, press, event making, and graphic design

2012- Universidad de Guanajauato, Mexico

Spanish linguistics, society of Mexico and analysis, photography and modern dance studies

2011- Art studies, Umeå University

Photography, Art theory, concept installation-  Louise Bourgeois "Maman" replicate

During my working years I have experience from editorial, marketing, graphic design and PR. I also worked with volunteering, yoga, sports and in healthcare. This  is something I consider learning the most from - how to grow empathy for people and work close to people. 

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Illustrator | Advanced

Photoshop | Advanced

InDesign | Advanced

Principle and Sketch | Intermediate

Premiere | Advanced

After Effects | Intermediate

Keyshot | Beginner

Arduino | Beginner

Processing | Beginner



Laser cut | Advanced

Illustration | Advanced

Animation | Beginner

Prototyping | Beginner

Clay | Intermediate

Textile | Intermediate



Swedish native

English fluent 

Spanish fluent

French basic