Hello, Hej, Hola. This is my story!

My name is Frida and I have a background in communications, social sciences and business. 

I am studying the Masters degree in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design, situated in the very north of Sweden. As a northern Swede by heart, I am not afraid of all the snow - neither to go snowmobile driving.

Currently I am interning as an interaction designer for a global non-profit branch of Laerdal Medical in Stavanger, Norway. Here I get to challenge myself everyday with designing for people in countries who need it the most. 

I'm particularly interested in our society, sociology, healthcare design, service design and user-centered design. 


I first started my interest in design during the time finishing my Media and Communication studies at Umeå University year 2012. I finished my bachelors degree in Political Science year 2014 and traveled for an internship with business marketing at the Swedish- Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Madrid. I applied to the Industrial Design Intensive Year (IDI) at Umeå Institute of Design. 

During my working years I have experience from editorial, marketing, graphic design and PR. I also worked with yoga, sports and healthcare. This  is something I consider learning the most from - how to grow empathy for people. 












Human centered design, interaction design, service design, co-creation design

2015-2016 Umeå Institute of Design, Industrial Design Intensive Year - 

Design process, design implementation, design management, product design, modelling (foam, clay, fine art) workshop certificate, form course, ergonomic teaching, interaction design, service design, transportation design

2014-2015 Swedish- Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Madrid - Traineeship Business & Graphic Design 

Web design/ graphic design, strategy in communication and layout, communication strategy, information architecture, writing Spanish / Swedish language, HTML, CSS, event, report and book publications

Media and Communication Studies, Umeå University - 2012-2015

Digital media, graphic design, strategical communication, political communication, journalism and linguistics

 2012-2015 Political Science studies, Umeå University




Work / Other


Frida Stenlund, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, currently

Packaging design, illustration, logos, presentation material, etc. 

Brand manager, UMG, various brands 2011- present

Brand representation, sales, strategy and brand strategy implementation

PR-manager during a two year mandate for Umeå Association of International Affairs 2013-2014

Managing three sub-groups in marketing. 

Universidad de Guanajauato, Mexico 2012-

Spanish linguistics, society of Mexico and analysis, photography and modern dance studies

Art studies, Umeå University 2011-

Photography, Art theory, concept installation-  Louise Bourgeois "Maman" replicate

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Illustrator | Advanced

Photoshop | Advanced

InDesign | Advanced

Principle and Sketch | Beginner

Premiere | Intermediate

After Effects | Intermediate

Keyshot | Beginner

Arduino | Beginner

Processing | Beginner



Laser cut | Advanced

Illustration | Advanced

Animation | Beginner

Prototyping | Intermediate

Clay | Intermediate

Textile | Intermediate



Swedish native

English fluent 

Spanish fluent

French basic 



Some of my favourite challenges: